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6th International Transport & Logistics Exhibition TransLogistica Poland – Transport&Logistics industry meets in Warsaw (6-8 November 2018)

Trans Pol logoThe 6th TransLogistica Poland exhibition is the biggest in CEE business event for everyone professionally associated with transport, freight forwarding and logistics, as well as for all producers and distributors who use or seek transport and logistics services.

190 exhibitors and 6 050 participants from 34 countries took part in the event in 2017. To meet the growing interest and the rapid development of the exhibition, the organizers decided to expand the 6th edition to two halls.

Development of Translogsitica Poland 2013-2017 stat pol en

On 6-8 November 2018 at EXPO XXI Warsaw, Pradzynskiego 12/14 St., companies will present their products in the following categories: intermodal transport; transport, freight forwarding, logistics; ports and terminals; cargo exchange platforms; fuel cards; IT&telematics; toll collection systems; customs, tax advisory, insurance and financial services.

The exhibition’s conference program, in response to market trends, will touch on issues related to the transport to the CIS, Middle East and Asia, the idea of the New Silk Road and the safety and transportation of hazardous materials. During the 6th edition of the exhibition the series of pre-arranged business meetings with representatives of production, distribution and retail companies – Logistics Networking – will be continued.

A detailed post-show report is available at:

6-8 November 2018, TransLogistica Poland – Transport&Logistics Industry meets in Warsaw.
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